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Janie McGee


My studio  See Jane Dreams creates fine art, illustrations,books, prints, and decor.  I am an artist and author. Ia ma painter at heart.  I create fine art, whimsical, and illustrations. After 38 years as an artist I find joy in creating art that creates positive images of the Black experience and more.   I am a painter at heart.   As an artist, I have been creating Black Art since I was 15. I have exhibited throughout the U.S. as well as an international show in Marseilles, France. My art is on permanent display in numerous venues including colleges, churches, commercial buildings, museums, public venues, and private homes. 

More about me...
 I graduated from Ohio Dominican College in 1986 with a B.F.A. degree. I have extensive experience in a wide range of artistic disciplines and media including fine art, oils, acrylics, graphic design, illustration, book design, and cover design. My style of art is a combination of impressionist and folk art. My subject matter genres include folk art, historical, whimsical, and spiritual art.  As a native of Columbus Ohio, Janie was blessed to work with many great Black artists as a young child and young adult. She was trained by her brother Charles Dillard. Later as an artist she had opportunities to exhibit at ACE art gallery, and work with an outstanding group of artists: Aminah Robinson, Larry Collins, Kojo, and Smokey to name a few.  Later in life she has exhibited and worked with Thomas Blackshear, Clarence Shivers, Wallace Conway, Chester Commodore, and Michael Singletrary. She graduated from Ohio Dominican College with a BFA in Fine Arts.  

Double Latte Books - Self Publications
Co-authored and published 2 youth books                                                     with Cook Communications
Published VBS book for urban youth
Co-authored Prayer From The Heart - Honor Publication

Assisted in Publishing -                                                                             Format and Cover 14                                                                                 Double Latte Books - owners
Dr. Derek and Darcel Suite

Gallery Shows
GCDC Restaurant 2016
Chesapeake Art Centre 2016
National Black Women
Congress 2014 and 2005
Terri Clause Gallery
Full Circle Health Auction
Suite Estate
Gilmore Art Center
Chesapeake Art Center
Gallery 409
Tania Gallery
New England Art Show Christian
Auction for Foster Kids DC
Auction for Feed Tanzania
Eclipse Gallery Group Show
Lee Art Center
National Black Women Congress
Kenyon College
Mixed Media Gallery: 
National Diversity Show - Air Force Academy
Bridge Gallery - 
Fine Arts Museum of Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak Community College ”
New Court House Kiowa - 
Urban League of Pikes Peak Region
Cultural Arts Center
Ace Art Gallery
International Show Exhibition - 
Marseilles, France
Ohio State University Student Center
Frank Hale Center
Harriet Beecher Stowe Museum 

Dr. Clarence Shuler
and Dr Jeffrey Shears
Breaking Free by Elder Levalle Roe Sr.
ThinkSoul25 - Jasmine McGee

Ohio Dominican College - Columbus, Ohio
B.F.A Fine Arts - Liberal Studies Degree

Mentors and Apprentices
Mentor with Thomas Blackshear, Charles Dillard,
 and Artists of ACE Gallery in Columbus Ohio.  
Artist in Residence for the Urban League Office
US Army Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Pikes Peak Art Commission                                                           Representative 99-00


See Jane Dream Exhibit at GCDC

Contact me for more information at seejanedream@live.com

Artist Statement...
“My goal is to use history, world issues, heart, soul, and spirit creating art that reflect the joys and pains of life with mixed media paintings. I desire to use my abilities to capture history, hope, spirit, and the beauty of life. I am on a journey to use paintings to encourage others by using the life’s trials and joys to the provoke hope. And along the create art that inspire, educates, shouts, and lifts the human spirit. I am looking to create a brighter day with my art in a small, but significant way :)”