Copy Rights by Double Latte Books And seejanedream  2013 Fine Art, Illustrations, Prints,  Whimsical Art, And Design By Janie McGee
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“Art is an odessy. Creating hugs the soul. I create fine art, illustrations, books, prints, and décor.  I am an artist,  author. and illsutrator.  I  have create dfine art, whimsical, and illustrations. for over 38 years. I find joy in creating art that touches the heart, mind, and spirit. I am a child  at heart enjoying the world.” Janie McGee 
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Prints  & Original Art & Handmade Decor McGee’s art style is moving towards “Spoke Art". Spoke Art is a name for the art form she created for her style. It’s a style of art that is defined by the voice and not the technique. Her love for the impressionist style of art is combined with Black history, soul, and folk art. It is a form of art that lends itself to expression, color, form, and voice. Zazzle and Café Press!- I create volumes of product for apparel, home decor, office, and gifts on several sights. Click Here
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